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Murli Mirchandani, the Chairman of AVEEM Group, has a strong inborn work ethic stemming from a humble upbringing and a desire to be a successful entrepreneur. He first obtained a degree at Wadia College in Pune, India but then journeyed to Europe to expand his knowledge of manufacturing by studying industrial training at Karl Meyer Academy in Germany. After which, Mr Mirchandani furthered his training by studying accounting and law at the Ecole Migros, Geneva. Living by the premise that a strong educational background is an unwavering asset for every man propelled him to become fluent in 5 languages including German and French, solidifying business and social relationships during his banking and trade finance apprenticeships that continue to benefit his business today.

Building on his education and training in Germany, Mr Mirchandani has been a well-established businessman since the inception of his first company, EMKAY, in 1973, which specialized in the import and export of food products, raw materials and industrial chemicals between Hamburg and West Africa. He relocated to Nigeria in 1981 to keep a closer eye on his operations as well as to develop new businesses. More companies naturally ensued such as Tip Top Industries, specializing in the manufacturing of edible oil, and Universal Gases Limited, focusing on the manufacturing of industrial gases such as hydrogen and oxygen.

Having worked in the food and manufacturing business for decades, Mr. Mirchandani now looks towards the future at the helm of the AVEEM Group. An astute businessman, he tapped into the power of the Middle Eastern market – a market in which the trend in food consumption has forced 85-90% of the food to be imported due to the extreme climate. Basing the AVEEM Group in Dubai was a strategic calculation to capitalize on the growth potential of the local food industry, which ties in with its efficient port facilities and proximity to his business foundation in Africa.

Mr. Mirchandani has a vision to create something of value through enterprise to pass on to future generations. His long-term goal for AVEEM is to acquire its own manufacturing and packing division, retail outlets, and further expansion through the acquisition of other food companies. His strong sense of family entrepreneurship and desire to create a brand of long-standing heritage are driven by a belief that success will always be within reach with the right attitude.

AvinashAvinash Mirchandani, the Chief Executive Officer of AVEEM Group, has worked at the core of his family’s business since 2003. A graduate of Northeastern University in Boston with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Management and Marketing, he also holds an MSC in Management from Cass Business School in London. As a budding entrepreneur, Avinash took initiative to establish the Dubai arm of the family business by co-founding AVEEM Group in 2005.

Growing up as part of a business-oriented family allowed him the very best insight into the commercial world from an early age. After graduating from University, he moved to Nigeria to launch his career at Balmoral Industries, a Mirchandani Group company and significant player in the plastics industry. Recognizing Dubai as a key location for growth and opportunity, he viewed it as a city coming to life, and the natural location for the expansion of the business by moving into the food industry. With increasing populations all over the region coupled with a very high rate of imports on all food & beverage products, he saw Dubai as the ideal hub for his own brainchild, AVEEM Foods.

An enthusiastic foodie, he enjoys exploring tastes from around the world, and has a passion for the best quality gourmet products. Having experienced food in areas as varied as Thailand and Africa during his childhood, he became passionate about creating his own brand of health focused, quality food products to cater to consumers like himself, who appreciate carefully chosen rich tastes and quality ingredients.

He saw the potential of Dubai early on as an up-and-coming global business center being home to state of the art technology, which Avinash believes makes it a natural home for AVEEM. The port facilities of the city are extremely efficient, benefiting exporters and creating a vibrant hub with a constant exchange of ideas. It is ideally located between Europe, Africa and Asia allowing AVEEM to stay close to the company’s foundation while always looking forward to expanding in growing economies.

Avinash Mirchandani has a strong vision for the future of AVEEM to build the presence of the business throughout the region, aiming to develop AVEEM into an international brand and expand into other lucrative business segments where there is sustainable and long-term growth. His vision is to grow AVEEM into a reputed business conglomerate, becoming the top-of-mind brand in the food distribution industry across the Middle East, Africa, and beyond.