AVEEM Trading LLC is a leading exporter of staple food items and beverages to East and West African countries.

With over 32 years in the import and export trade, AVEEM’s founder Murli Mirchandani leveraged his vast experience and expertise in this area to establish AVEEM Trading LLC in 2005, capitalizing on the state-of-the-art port facilities in Dubai. AVEEM Trading is known for reliability and efficiency from start to finish, harnessing the power and efficiency of Dubai’s world-renowned ports and the proximity of this trade hub to Africa.


134947872710155pBuilding on the strength of the business established with EMKAY Import Export GMBH, AVEEM Trading sources industrial chemicals, polymers, and other raw materials used for manufacturing in Africa. Following on from their experience in this area in Germany, AVEEM Trading applies this knowledge to their business in the GCC by rooting out the potential in nearby countries.

AVEEM trading uses the ports of Dubai as a main trading hub, shipping multiple containers of food & beverage items sourced from the UAE monthly. The company primarily focuses on the exports of biscuits, confectionary items and other food and beverage products reacting flexibly to market needs, and relative to local demand. AVEEM Trading also imports a variety of frozen food products into the UAE for wholesale and re-export to the GCC and other African countries. These products include chicken breast and various types of frozen fish, to mention a few.

Coupled with an extensive background in the export field, the creation of a strong base in Dubai has well positioned AVEEM Trading for expansion, with the potential to create more import and export opportunities globally and across additional market sectors.