COEJA Eco Solutions


COEJA Eco Solutions is an eco consultancy and green technology implementation firm based in Dubai, UAE. Specializing in assisting commercial, industrial and hospitality clients in the Gulf region recognize the true potential of implementing green solutions and technologies within their workplaces, whilst keeping health, sustainability, energy efficiency and their bottom line in mind.

The consultants at COEJA conduct detailed eco audits of work environments and suggest methods and solutions to adopt to reduce energy consumption, reduce costs, and ultimately enhance the ‘green image’ of the business. In a world that is becoming more eco-aware, COEJA Eco Solutions additionally offer ‘Eco PR’ services to give clients maximum exposure to communicate the success of their green initiatives.

Whilst many firms offer services targeted toward specific aspects of the renewable energy sector, COEJA Eco Solutions provide a one-stop-shop solution for all eco requirements. Passionate about environmental issues, the company helps businesses to meet today’s needs without compromising resources for future generations.

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