AVEEM International Ltd. carries out global investments, primarily in Africa and the GCC region, focusing specifically on industrial and agricultural development.

AVEEM International Ltd. is a major investor in Sri Sarvaswati Investments Nigeria Ltd, the developer behind five completely integrated agricultural plants in Badagry, Nigeria. The objective of this combined industrial and agricultural project is to create industries that support and feed into each other for cost effective solutions, independence, and vertical integration.

Spread across over 350 acres of land and encompassing five industrial and agricultural facilities, this operation includes an Edible Oil plant, Cashew Nut plant, Rice Mill, Sugar Mill and Woven Sack factory, bringing every stage of the process together to achieve absolute convenience for buyers and distributors.

Our completely integrated Edible Oil production plant specializes in the processing of palm kernels, the edible seed of the oil palm tree. This processing not only creates Edible Oils, but in turn supports a secondary project; The pulp residue from processing the kernels is formed into palm kernel cake, used as a protein feed for animals (such as cattle, goats, and sheep).

The Rice Mill conducts complete cultivation of the grains from the early stages of growing, processing, polishing and then packaging with the support of the Woven Sack production facility. Similarly, the Sugar Mill is completely integrated from plantation, to crushing, refining and finally packaging of the product into woven bags, ready for bulk supply.
Through efficient and ingenious integration of these processing elements, AVEEM International Ltd. represents the complete solution for buyers and distributors of these staple products.

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