AVEEM Group is the nerve center of the Mirchandani family’s business interests establishing its headquarters in Dubai, UAE in 2008. Founded by entrepreneurs Murli and Avinash Mirchandani the Group is comprised of several business segments, with a strong focus on the food industry as well as other complementary markets.

Recognizing the vast potential of Dubai’s efficient ports and its proximity to their roots in Africa, the Mirchandani’s have diversified their business from oil and industrial gas, and plastics manufacturing in Nigeria to the import and export of high quality ‘everyday gourmet’ foods to the UAE through AVEEM Foods. The founders also continue to keep ties with Nigeria strong by exporting a variety of food and beverage items in addition to raw materials for local manufacturing and also imports various frozen food products into the UAE through AVEEM Corporation. In conjunction with these operations, AVEEM International Ltd., a third business segment of AVEEM Group, focuses on global investments specifically in the GCC and Africa; concentrating on industrial and agricultural development.

In every sector of its operations, the AVEEM Group is focused on delivering quality and value to its discerning consumers globally. No distance is too far and no challenge too great for the AVEEM Group in it’s mission to provide the very best in produce, processing and services.